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Monthly Newsletters

February 2020
The February newsletter reflects on the rocky state of transatlantic relations and includes articles from Bundestag Member Alexander Kulitz and DZ BANK Fellow Martin-Sebastian Abel.

December 2019
The December newsletter highlights the McCloy Awards dinner, as well as the four study tour programs the ACG hosted in November and December.

November 2019
The November newsletter reflected on the 30th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall, including a special piece from Ambassador John Kornblum.

October 2019
The October newsletter highlights the growing importance of climate change in German and European politics, as both the CDU and the SPD adopt policies long held by the Greens.

September 2019
The September newsletter highlights the political polarization taking place in Germany and state elections in Brandenburg and Saxony.

July/August 2019
The summer issue of the ACG newsletter focused on the take-aways from the 2019 German-American Conference which took place in Berlin.

June 2019
The June 2019 Newsletter focused on the programming the ACG hosted as part of Deutschlandjahr including large forums in Charlotte, NC and Nashville, TN; as well as developments within the SPD and the CDU.

May 2019 Newsletter
The May Newsletter reflects on the tensions between the United States and the EU after President Trump decided to withdraw from the JCPOA, the political uncertainty in Europe, and Chancellor Merkel.

April 2019
Despite the issues that create friction in the German-American relationship, the United States works more closely with Germany – and Europe as a whole – than with any other partner. But, these are challenging times for the transatlantic alliance, and we would be well served not to take it for granted.

March 2019
In light of the common challenges facing Europe and the United States in the international arena, it is more important than ever to find areas where we can work together. The March 2019 Newsletter reflects on indispensable relations.

February 2019
With Europe and the United States both inwardly focused, it is harder to address the common challenges we face (at home and abroad) in a constructive way. But, just because it is difficult does not mean it is not worthwhile.

December 2018
2019 promises to be a big year for German politics, but it is also a big year for the American Council on Germany. Under the auspices of the German government’s Deutschlandjahr USA – the “Year of German-American Friendship” – we will undertake several new projects. I’d like to mention two of those projects here.

November 2018
Engage. Engage. Engage. This is a call to action. And, it underscores the importance of the work the ACG does to promote dialogue through events in New York and at our 21 Eric M. Warburg Chapters across the country. And, in these uncertain times, there is a great deal to discuss – and engage on.

October 2018
It is fair to say that as the foreign policy elites take stock of today’s global environment, they believe that after nearly three decades of the peace dividend, necessary investment in military hardware and readiness has not been made. They argue that we are not ready to take on today’s challenges – which include cyber- and hybrid-warfare – or to meet our foes. In order to make the necessary investment, there needs to be the political will. The politicians have to make the case to the voters – but this is not an argument the public wants to hear.

September 2018 Newsletter
With the rise of the far-right in Germany and the larger EU, it has become increasingly important for the country take a leadership role. In this newsletter, ACG President Steven E. Sokol reflects on the rising tensions in Germany.

July/August 2018 Newsletter
In looking ahead towards the future of transatlantic relations, the ACG reflects on its long history of best practice exchanges through its Young Leaders Conference.

June 2018 Newsletter
As transatlantic relations become even more strained, the ACG looks to find ways to find common ground and build new partnerships. The June newsletter focuses on building new bridges through exchanges at the local level.

May 2018 Newsletter
As the ACG and Atlantik-Brücke prepare for the annual German-American Conference, the organizations release a survey on the state of transatlantic relations.

April 2018 Newsletter
The April Newsletter includes information on the German-American Conference in Washington, DC, highlights from previous events, and calls for applications.

March 2018 Newsletter
The March newsletter focuses on the changes in Germany’s government, elections in Italy, and the future of the EU. It also features highlights from February events, as well as announcements about long time friends of the ACG.

February 2018 Newsletter

The Berlin Wall has now been down longer than it stood. In the February 2018 newsletter, the ACG discusses how Germany has changed since the fall of the Wall in 1989. The ACG also announces the appointment of Ambassador John B. Emerson as Chairman of the Council.

January 2018 Newsletter

At the start of the new year, the ACG’s January newsletter reflects the breakdown in coalition talks in Germany and the future of the transatlantic relationship. Additionally, the ACG announces the launch of new programming.