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Current Fellows

The American Council on Germany awarded fellowships to the following individuals to complete research on timely topics:

Zeynep Alraqeb
Deutsche Bundesbank
Research topic: “From Popular Culture to Populism: How Does America’s Image Aboard Shape Transatlantic Ties?”
2022 Duisberg Fellowship for Young German Transatlanticists

Laura Christen
Specialist Corporate Customer Communications
Infineon Technologies AG
Research topic: “The Global Supply Chain Challenge”
2022 Duisberg Fellowship for Young German Transatlanticists

Sonja Gillert
Editor, Foreign Desk
Die Welt
Research Topic: “On the Front Lines of a Divided Country”
2019 Kellen Fellowship for Berlin-based Journalist

Dr. Ana Isabel Keilson
Lecturer on Social Studies
Harvard University
Research Topic: “Liberalism, Art, and Industry in Modern Germany”
2020 Hunt Fellowship

Ryan MacKenzie
Pennsylvania House of Representatives
Research Topic: “Innovative Infrastructure Financing in Germany and the United States: Offsetting Disruption in Surface Transportation and Energy Projects”
2021 DZ Bank Fellowship

Dr. Lily McElwee
Chumir Global Dialogue Fellow
Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)
Research Topic: “Germany’s Approach to EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment”
2021 DZ Bank Fellowship

Chuck McShane
Vice President of Research
Charlotte Regional Business Alliance
Research Topic: “Small-Town Economies in the Developed World”
2019 McCloy Fellowship on Global Trends

Dr. James McSpadden
Professor of History
University of Nevada – Reno
Research Topic: “Parliamentary Networks and Backroom Politics in Interwar Europe”
2020 Hunt Fellowship

Dr. Michael Schwan
Postdoctoral Researcher
University of Cologne
Research Topic: “Bank Ownership and Regional Political Economy’s Response to Covid”
2021 DZ Bank Fellowship

Sarah Sieloff
Executive Director
Center for Creative Land Recycling
Research Topic: “Facilitating German-American Exchange through Land Reuse”
2019 McCloy Fellowship on Global Trends