• At the time of the ACG’s founding, Europe was divided and defeated; it is now whole and strong. We rejoice in such progress and we look forward to continuing cooperation in the cause of peace and prosperity. Indeed, the work of the ACG has not ended, it has merely entered a new era.
    - Former President George Herbert Walker Bush

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Mission and Vision

The American Council on Germany is the leading U.S.-based forum for
strengthening German-American relations. It delivers a deep and nuanced understanding of why Germany matters, because the only way to understand contemporary Europe is to understand Germany’s role within Europe and around the world. And, the only way to understand contemporary Germany is to put it in a European context.

The American Council on Germany (ACG) is an independent, nonpartisan nonprofit organization that was founded in 1952 to strengthen German-American relations. Today, the ACG works across generations to provide a deeper, more nuanced understanding about Germany, Europe, and the importance of the transatlantic partnership. Through a range of programs and activities, the ACG addresses the most pressing economic, political, and social challenges of the day to ensure better mutual understanding.

The ACG’s programs and activities are aimed at reaching a broad range of individuals to strengthen German-American relations and deepen the U.S.-European partnership. This is achieved through a combination of outreach and events designed to reach different audiences on both sides of the Atlantic to make sure they are better informed about transatlantic issues.

Scope of Work
The Council  examines German-American relations on three levels: the bilateral relationship, the ties between Europe and the United States, and how the transatlantic partnership can meet global  challenges.

In addition to German and U.S. domestic politics and U.S. and European foreign policy, the ACG covers a wide swath of economic, political, and social issues of common concern on both sides of the Atlantic. Through an array of activities, we both respond to current events as they unfold and anticipate issues that may be on the horizon.

By examining the issues facing Europe and the United States, the ACG is able to provide insights and analysis of policy choices on both sides of the Atlantic.