Overview of Fellowship Programs

Since 1976, over 1000 American and German journalists, scholars, and other mid-career professionals in a variety of fields have been given the opportunity to travel overseas and broaden their personal and professional horizons under the auspices of the American Council on Germany's fellowship programs.

Today, roughly 25 Americans and Germans travel each year through the Council's fellowships, gaining a better understanding of how issues are approached on the other side of the Atlantic and forging lasting connections with their transatlantic counterparts and fellowship alumni alike. To learn more about these opportunities, please click the links below.

McCloy Fellowships in Environmental Policy 

The goal of the Council's McCloy Fellowship program is to allow Americans and Germans to complete research on timely topics while consulting their transatlantic counterparts. Research areas may include – but are not limited to – energy policy, sustainability,  and green technology. Fellows come from a wide range of industries and fields. Click here to learn more.

Fellowships for Academics

The Dr. Guido Goldman Fellowship for the Study of German and European Economic and International Affairs supports promising American academics whose research bears special significance for German economic and international policy within the wider European context. Click here to learn more.

The Dr. Richard M. Hunt Fellowship for the Study of German Politics, Society, and Culture were established in 2003 to support American academics whose research contributes to the scholarly discourse on contemporary German society and the political, cultural, and social history of Germany. Click here to learn more.

Fellowships for Agriculture and Farm Policy

McCloy Fellows in Agriculture receive an up-close look at agricultural, farm, and food-supply conditions across the Atlantic. To learn more about the McCloy Fellowships in Agriculture. Click here to learn more.

Fellowships for Entrepreneurs

In 2013, the ACG introduced the news of its fellowship programs, the ACG Fellowship for Young Entrepreneurs and Innovators. This fellowships allows for German start-ups to meet with American entreprenurs and venture capitalist. To learn more about the ACG Fellowship for Young Entrepreneurs and Innovators Click here.

Fellowships for Journalism

The McCloy Fellowsgips in Journalism and the Anna-Maria and Stephen M. Kellen Fellowships provide an opportunity for exceptional American and German print, broadcast, and new media journalists to travel abroad for up to 21 days to conduct interviews with policymakers and cultural leaders, research timely articles, and gain an introduction to the inner workings of the American and German press systems. Click here to learn more.

Fellowships for Urban Planning and Development

The McCloy Fellowships in Urban Affairs allow local government officials to meet with their transatlantic counterparts in order to gain a better understanding of issues faced by cities and policy solutions. To learn more about the McCloy Fellowships in Urban Affairs. Click here to learn more.

Have Questions?

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For Further Details

To learn more about the history and scope of each of the fellowship programs, read eligibility requirements and application guidelines, and learn more about past fellows’ work, please follow the respective links.

To see a list of former fellows, click here.
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