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In Memoriam: Richard von Weizsäcker

The American Council on Germany mourns the death of Richard von Weizsäcker, whose contributions to Germany and to the transatlantic partnership have left a lasting mark.

In Memoriam: John C. Whitehead

It is with deep regret that the American Council on Germany notes the death of former and most esteemed Board Member Mr. John C. Whitehead this weekend.

"Our two countries can solve many of our international problems only by working together. Indeed, the policy agenda confronting Germany and the United States stretches across the entire globe: from countering Iran's quest to acquire nuclear weapons, to facing the Taliban and al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, to seeking a common strategy on how to respond to the rise of newly emerging powers like China and India." - former ACG President William M. Drozdiak

"As the Cold War came to an end, globalization was often discussed and debated in theoretical terms. Today, it is an established fact, and we need to explore how the German-American relationship should adapt to meet the challenges and seize the opportunities presented by the globalization of free market and democratic principles." - ACG Chairman Robert M. Kimmitt

"The challenges ahead of us – political, economic, ecological, military – are too manifold, too diverse, too complex, and simply too great to be mastered single-handedly. … These challenges can only be mastered together, by friends. … It is up to your generation to take advantage of each and every opportunity to further strengthen the American-German friendship." - Lieutenant General Peter Schelzig, Vice Chief of Defense (Deputy Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff), German Ministry of Defense, at the ACG’s XXXVI American-German Young Leaders Conference