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How the German Social System is Coping?

COVID-19 has disproportionally affected low income and minority communities, increased the digital divide, shown weakness in healthcare systems, and changed the nature of everyday life including work and education. Although Germany was able to suppress the infection rate, the pandemic has taken a toll on its social system. On August 18, the ACG hosted a webinar with Bundestag Member Ekin Deligoez (Green Party), who serves on the Bundestag’s Budget Committee and as Spokeswoman for the Bavarian Greens in the Bundestag, on the impact of the pandemic on German society.

This webinar is part of a series titled [Virtual] Transatlantic Town Halls: German Bundestag Member Dialogues being held as part of Wunderbar Together USA 2020, a comprehensive and collaborative initiative funded by the German Federal Foreign Office and implemented by the Goethe-Institut.