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Bettina Warburg

Bettina Warburg is a leading investor, researcher, and speaker on Web3, blockchain, and emerging technologies. Her distillations of these complex topics are often used by university programs, executives, and major conferences as foundational explanations. She was one of the first speakers to unpack the topic of blockchain to a global audience for TED. She also previously collaborated with WIRED magazine to explain blockchain at 5 levels, which has been viewed by millions of people.

She has given talks at conferences such as the World Government Summit, IBM Think, The Business Council, Smart City Expo, Skoll World Forum, Salzburg Global Seminar, Personal Democracy Forum, and for universities worldwide. Her work has been cited in publications such as The Atlantic, Center for Public Impact, ICMA.org, and the San Francisco Chronicle.

Ms. Warburg previously co-founded Warburg Serres, an early-stage venture capital fund, and Animal Ventures, a strategic advisory firm focused on emergent technologies. She has lectured as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Texas School of Information in Austin and is a Co-Author of Asset Chains: The Cognitive, Friction-Free, and Blockchain-enabled Future of Supply Chains (2017), as well as the Basics of Blockchain (First edition, 2019).

Ms. Warburg received her MSc from Oxford University and BS from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service.