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McCloy Lecture Series

October 31, 2013
“Same Book. New Chapter. Germany and the U.S.”
Ambassador Philip D. Murphy
, former U.S. Ambassador to Germany

June 22, 2010
“The Euro Crisis and Its Impact on the Global Economy”

The Honorable Paul Volcker, Chairman of the Economic Recovery Advisory Board, Former Chairman of the Federal Reserve, and ACG Honorary Vice Chairman, in conversation with Garrick Utley, Chairman of the American Council on Germany and President of The Levin Institute, SUNY

October 14, 2009
Dr. Klaus Kleinfeld, President and Chief Executive Officer of Alcoa Inc.
The Next Boom: Global Business in a Post-Crisis World 

February 25, 2004
“Germany in a Time of Change: Economic Takeoff through Reform”
Dr. Jürgen Weber, Federal Commissioner for Foreign Investment in Germany and Supervisory Board Chairman and former CEO of Lufthansa, with an introduction by Dr. Henry A. Kissinger, Chairman of Kissinger Associates, Inc. and ACG Board Member

October 2, 2003
“A View of Transatlantic Relations: Contending with the Fallout of the German Federal Elections and a War”

H.E. Roland Koch, Minister-President of Hesse

September 16, 2003
“Shifts in the German-American Relationship: Meeting New Challenges”

Dr. Wolfgang Schäuble, Member of the Bundestag and Deputy Chair of the CDU/CSU Bundestag Group

April 14, 2003
“Germany: Recovering Our Strength”

Ernst Welteke, Governor of the Deutsche Bundesbank, presided by Paul Volcker, Former Federal Reserve Chairman and ACG Honorary Vice Chairman

February 6, 2003
“Terrorism: Shared Transatlantic Perceptions and Concrete Cooperative Actions – Despite Differences over Iraq”
H.E. Otto Schily, Minister of the Interior (SPD) of the Federal Republic of Germany, presided by Garrick Utley, Chairman of the American Council on Germany

October 24, 2002
“Corporate Governance in Europe – In the Light of Sarbanes-Oxley”

Dr. Hubertus Erlen, Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors, Schering AG

September 9, 2002
“Schröder or Stoiber? What Difference Does It Make – What Does Germany Need?”
Dr. Ulrich Cartellieri, Member of the Supervisory Board of Deutsche Bank AG