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Immigration and Integration – Between Federal Policy and State Legislators

March 2 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm EST

Join us for a discussion with Kerstin Celina, Member of the State Parliament of Bavaria (Alliance 90/The Greens), State Senator John S. McCollister of Nebraska (R), and Jan Marcus Rossa, Member of the State Parliament of Schleswig-Holstein (Alliance 90/The Greens). This discussion is held in partnership with Aspen Institute Germany as part of the State-to-State: German-American State Legislator Dialogue.

While global challenges are addressed by national governments, increasingly subnational actors such as states, communities, and cities have needed to step up to take action when traditional nation-states have been unable to make progress due to political polarization and partisan gridlock. This trend has also characterized transatlantic relations and the German-American partnership. The German-American State Legislator Dialogue draws on this notion, focusing on the role of state representatives from the United States and Germany in addressing common transatlantic challenges.

A common phenomenon that has marked the history of both the United States and Germany is that of immigration. The United States is often labeled as a nation of immigrants and the German Wirtschaftswunder would not have been possible without workers immigrating from abroad. Since then, immigration policy has moved into the center of public debate in both countries. In 2021, the United States has recorded some of the highest numbers of immigrants coming from South and Central America to the U.S.-Mexico border. In Germany, migration flows have slowed down after 2015 when large numbers of refugees fled the war in Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Nevertheless, a large number of refugees take on the dangerous and often deadly journey towards the EU, fueling debates on how to address this issue on a policy level. Immigration policy is mostly a federal issue and yet it is the states and Länder that are tasked with ensuring successful integration. How can state governments help and encourage migrants to fully integrate into German and American society? What are the biggest hurdles in this effort for successful economic integration and social inclusion? What does migration mean for businesses and the economy? How important are collaborative efforts across the different levels of government and with different stakeholders? Understanding a local perspective on this big topic is the goal of this State-to-State-Dialogue.


March 2
11:00 am - 12:00 pm
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