McCloy Fellowships in Agriculture

McCloy Fellows in Agriculture receive an up-close look at agricultural, farm, and food-supply conditions across the Atlantic. Past American agricultural fellows have visited the European Union in Brussels, former East German cooperatives that have been converted into modern corporations, and various regions with diverse agriculture. German fellows are similarly exposed to American farm conditions and policies.

American and German agriculture fellows go overseas as a group in the early fall. Travel dates are chosen to accommodate the schedules of the three to four participating fellows. During the program, fellows receive a per diem of $200 for a maximum of 21 days, based on the number of nights spent abroad. The American Council on Germany covers pre-approved transatlantic airfare and domestic travel, including inter-city rail travel.

American applicants need not be fluent in German, although some background in that language could be helpful. German fellows visiting the United States should have a basic knowledge of English. Applicants who wish to build on their experience while at an earlier stage in their careers are preferred.

Applicants are chosen by the American Council on Germany in conjunction with the American Farm Bureau Federation and the Deutscher Bauernverband in mid-spring.

Questions may be directed to Robin Cammarota-Nicolson, Fellowship Manager, at


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“Fortunately we had three whole weeks for meetings and the exchange of ideas with Americans who actively form and develop U.S. farming and food business with talent and creativity. What remains now are new friends in the USA, suggestions and useful knowledge for our own business, project ideas in the field of youth education, new partners for common leadership development programs (and a lot more), and the sincere gratitude of the four German McCloy Fellows. We will be very happy to host our American exchange partners.”

Stefan Metzdorf, 2011 German McCloy Fellow in Agriculture